Our Services

Executive Search service forms a vital process in the growth and development of a business. We, at Prodigy understand a good hire (senior)can catapult an industry's growth, creating an improved curve and enhanced growth favouring long term sustainability and growth. Our Executive search team is highly experienced which enables us to not only provide candidates to suit a client, but to provide meaningful input on the business strategy which sits beneath Organization's unseen and unfelt requirement. [More]

Global search services is an intrinsic part of our recruitment process at Prodigy. With dynamics, culture and economics Glocalisation is a complete successful global talent acquisition that recruit talent across global regions. Our experience, business accumen and client needs define us indomitable to reach geographies across the globe to assist organisations outside of India. Our globally trained recruiters operate wherein all market worldwide are local. HR, Training and talent acquisition. Credentials and reputation are vital and makes us strong in Global hiring. We are glocal ready for you. [More]

Prodigy is licensed and approved by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for overseas employment from India. We have the skills, tools, competence and size required to successfully complete each stage of the multifaceted mass recruitment process. Considering the geography we have the strength of following all protocols and strategies to aim at right hire with right skill in the right geography. We have the largest database of qualified category skilled and unskilled workers, a proven recruitment process and effective reporting tools available to enable us best on time delivery of project. [More]

Prodigy is a diversified HR service provider. Our service gamut consist of Executive Search, Non management hiring, HR Consulting and Trainings. We design creative learning solutions based on a people centred approach to meet our client needs and to facilitate learning through experiential mode. We offer a suite of learning solutions to foster engagement, enhance learner's skills and inspire your talent

Prodigy's training approach is to create continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements.

We offer the full range of training services, from structured learning geared towards qualifications to team building, bespoke sales training, personal management courses, and productivity training. This breadth of expertise is unique and allows us to deliver complete development programmes built from the ground up to meet your objectives. [More]