Hospitality is one facet of the service industry. It's a customer centric industry and has primarily three sections for better clarity, lodging, food and beverage and restaurants.The hospitality sector has the potential to be the main driving force behind the growth of the economy. The growing sector generates revenue for local economies, and gets is employment and rise in returns and profits. It inculcates development, growth in infrastructure, such as buildings, roads and public transportation.

Human resource is the prime and vital key for any set up. And, hospitality is straight dependent on experiences, services and skills.Skill gaps and workers are universal employment problems, and highly skilled recruiter can help you with quality.

Prodigy, works on the methodology of human emotions and stimulations. We understand and tailor your needs as per your need, requirement and culture to provide the best suitable workforce for the success of your organization.We provide from placements to continue training supportive conducive environment and employees when appropriate.



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