Our Approach

Our Recruitment practitioners, along a continuum of experts and prescriptive approach at one end and facilitative approach at the other end work with unique capabilities, stock of knowledge and competencies viz

our extensive and expansive team of recruiters with proficiency in network hunting for the right candidate.

Open Source Intelligence, is a collection of our sourced resources via network, referrals etc..

  • Fresh Database
  • Global acquisition
  • Campus Sourcing
  • Passive Client

our perked network and experience acts as a source of candidate database.

  • Former Employees
  • Re engaging candidates
  • Internal Talent

Company's diligent endurance of Ethics, logics and emotional.

Our continuous and unending support round the clock for best of services and assistance.


an automated system of procedural workings, Contrary to the basic ideology of the goal of automated recruiting is not cut down on cost and time however, it is to empower the recruiters and enhance the whole recruiting process, for both recruiters and clients.

The strongest pillar of clear, transparent and WISE (Write in Simple English) approach of Communications accumulates our Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Deep embedded Recruitment Metric designed for Prodigy which enables to denote our success and achievements for our clients. key performance indicators (KPIs).

We provide a CRM Client Relationship Manager and Recruitment Consultant(industry expert) to each client for Customer Experience (CX).