Executive Search

Prodigy is an expert at executive recruiting. We go to unthinkable ways for searching candidates. Assignments are generally for positions where the best candidate is harder to find and harder to persuade to make a move, and where the potential impact of success or failure is greatest. Prodigy is most often used for mid-level positions or positions where there are a large number of qualified candidates. Here are some unique features of Prodigy that will benefit your company:

Executive Search service forms a vital process in the growth and development of a business. We, at Prodigy understand a good hire (senior)can catapult an industry's growth, creating an improved curve and enhanced growth favouring long term sustainability and growth. Our Executive search team is highly experienced which enables us to not only provide candidates to suit a client, but to provide meaningful input on the business strategy which sits beneath Organization's unseen and unfelt requirement.

We customize your Job search. The odds of searching senior level staff through a regular recruitment channel are pretty common. However, our Recruitment specialists know exactly where the most experienced and skilled executive level candidates are hiding and they also know what it takes to convince them. With our support, the hunt for most experienced and proficient candidates can be done quickly and easily—with great outcomes.

Even if you consider yourself to well-experienced and lucky in the recruitment field, chances are you don't always have the right knowledge to make an informed hire. The positions at your organization can be extremely diverse, and without competitive intelligence, you may not know enough about the Job market to fairly judge an applicant. our specialists can fill the gaps in your knowledge. From their up-to-date expertise to their experience in various fields we know how to contact the best talent, what offers to make, and how to recruit them into your team.

Your Company's brand presence matters when it comes to hiring. If you aren't projecting the right brand image, candidates won't be attracted to your vacant job posts and you'll be left struggling to find the best talent. We will recognize your organization as a great place to work, and your brand image will be boosted in return.

In any business, time is precious and a hiring firm is a time saver. Prodigy saves your time as they take care of all the steps of the hiring process. Finding the potential applicants to interview will take a great amount of time and effort. Outsourcing this responsibility to us with a reliable record of successful recruitment will save you time.