Surbhi Nagpal

Client Acquisition and Development Head

Surbhi, with core value making work meaningful for the clients and candidates. Her seamless execution of building a framework for a productive experience empowers her internal and external associates. Presently, a client acquisition and Development Head at Prodigy has a process driven format which is systematic with objective of sustainable acquisition. Following an empathetic and effective communication approach makes a experiential journey for their Clients and candidates.

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Isha Vij

Business Head

Pioneer in Search Services Industry , believe in working collaboratively with our clients to transform strategy into practical actions that drive results. Our deep expertise, powerful insights, and real-world solutions help the people and organizations we serve take steps today to secure a better tomorrow.

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Zeeshan Syed

Head Overseas Manpower Recruitment

Specialties: Overseas manpower recruitment, for category/ skilled/unskilled manpower. approved manpower agency from MEA India.

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