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Prodigy Human Resource Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is the leading human resource consulting company in India. Our work is about making your work easier with streamlined state-of-the-art Technology combined with comprehensive knowledge of Human Resources and Recruitment. [more]

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Our 4 step model of integration enables us to provide appropriate Human Resource solution to our cadre. Our collaborative and innovative framework facilitates successful business outcomes for our clients. [more]

fostering an effective Communication helps to understand client's needs and Planning a skeleton of hiring.

a model of organization–specific company to company depending on the business vertical, organizational structure, size of the company, nature of operations, existing recruitment workflow and selection process hiring.

the placement based on to their Objectives and expectations.

Finally delivering them Measurable outcomes on the basis of quality of hire, cost of hire and quality of hire.


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Executive Search

Executive Search service forms a vital process in the growth and development of a business. We, at Prodigy understand a good hire (senior) can catapult an industry's growth, creating an improved curve and enhanced growth favouring long term sustainability and growth. [more]

Global Search

Global search services is an intrinsic part of our recruitment process at Prodigy. With dynamics ,culture and economics Glocalisation is a complete successful global talent acquisition that recruit talent across global regions. Our experience, business accumen and client needs define us indomitable to reach geographies across the globe.. [more]

Overseas Manpower Recruitment (Mass Hiring)

Prodigy is licensed and approved by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for overseas employment from India. We have the skills, tools, competence and size required to successfully complete each stage of the multifaceted mass recruitment process. [more]

Training & Development

Prodigy's training approach is to create continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements. We offer the full range of training services, from structured learning geared towards qualifications to team building, bespoke sales training, personal management courses, and productivity training. [more]

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